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Sunset Country

Lake of the Woods Fishing

Seek exciting adventures or serene solitude in an untouched wilderness filled with pristine lakes. Fly into a remote fishing camp for the angling experience of your life. Watch colourful sails and spinnakers weave across the lake at LOWISA - the largest inland sailing regatta in North America.

Fill your senses with the freshness of Sunset Country's clean piney air. Paddle shimmering lakes and explore endless islands. Drop bait in waters teeming with sought-after species like walleye and lake trout. Relish the solitude of beautiful boreal forests and witness unsuspecting moose foraging for dinner. Be awed by gorgeous granite landscapes, majestic waterfalls and glorious sunsets that bid goodnight to westernmost Ontario. Wonder at ancient Aboriginal pictographs of wildlife carved into rock. Visit Ear Falls, the bald eagle capital of North America. Plan your journey to Sunset Country - an outdoor adventurer's paradise.

Breathtaking landscapes, shorelines without end, fish-filled lakes that can only be reached by floatplane and sailing across the water with colourful spinnakers flapping in the breeze.