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North of Superior

Georgian Bay Fishing

Discover unspoiled splendour along the rugged, craggy coast of the world's largest freshwater lake as you enjoy one of the most breathtaking drives on the continent. Relive the wild and wooly glory days of the fur trade at Fort William Historical Park - the world's largest reconstructed fur trade post.

Witness nature's powerful work along the rugged, rocky coastline of Lake Superior, the world's largest freshwater lake. Discover deep chasms, plunging waterfalls and towering granite cliffs dramatically carved from the Canadian Shield by the last of the glaciers. Explore untold lakes, rivers and forests where roads are few and adventures are limitless. Match wits against some of North America's feistiest game fish in this angler's haven or paddle the historic routes of fur trading Voyageurs. Plan your trip along Lake Superior's North Shore where there's a new view to wow you around every curve in the landscape.

It's an angler's paradise, a history buff's hunting ground, an artist's inspiration and a naturalist's wish list granted.